Sheet metal module production
with integrated fasteners.

ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK's sheet metal module production with integrated fasteners is often the most economical way to manufacture small and mid-sized series where major investment in tools and processing technology is not feasible, or where, for other reasons, the process cannot be incorporated into the production process – or only in a limited way.


Variants of sheet metal module production

For mid-size and small production runs: processing within the shell

ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK has a number of different solutions for processing fasteners on the assembly line. The main component here is on the C-frame press with fully automated feed. Then there are semi-automated solutions or manually operated systems. All the system types are in use in a wide variety of applications.

For large quantities: deployed in the pressing tool

Deployed in a stamping and pressing plant the fastener/tool system can demonstrate its benefits to the full because the fastener insertion process is integrated into the sheet-metal manufacturing process.  Processing the fasteners on the tool guarantees that the fastening components will maintain their location tolerances. The fastener is connected to the sheet metal in a single work step. The pressing and stamping process leaves a clean working area. Thus, rapid cycle times are assured, while at the same time the number of work steps can be reduced. A ready-to-assemble sheet-metal component with the required fasteners is the result of the process.


Optimum parts production already chosen by well-known companies

ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK's innovative service is distinctive for its high degree of automation and integral process monitoring systems, ensuring optimum and stable parts production. For many years, well-known companies in the automotive, electrical, domestic appliance and furniture industries have placed their confidence in ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK's manufacturing expertise.


Ready-to-assemble plate modules with integrated fastener

Series production of pre-finished modules.