Engineering and production
of ready-to-install fastening modules

When you develop a new part, you need to engineer a component assembly with an integral joining element. Here, a technically high-quality and economically attractive solution is required – a solution that will best integrate into the overall development process as well as into the series production run that follows. This is where our Assembly service offers you professional support.

Assembly Sheet Metal

Application examples

  • Sheet-metal parts with PIAS® or Rivtex® pierce-clinch nuts
  • Sheet-metal parts with STRUX® or Rivtex® self-clinching screws
  • Customised sheet metal parts with EPS special fasteners

Assembly of individual modules

Application examples

  • Sheet-metal bending and stamped parts combined with formed parts
  • Multi-material component assemblies
  • Screw / bushing combinations

Assembly of plastics

Application examples

  • Plastic-to-metal fasteners
  • Plastic-to-sheet metal fasteners
  • Plastics fasteners with functional parts



Assembly – development

Working with you, we develop the bestpossible solution for your component and integrate it perfectly into your overall project.

Assembly – production

With our own production capacities we can produce technically high quality and economically attractive ready-to-install modules.

The advantages to you

  • Development and production of ready-to-install fastening modules from a single source
  • Intelligent fastening technology ensures cost-optimisation right from the start
  • Reduces component diversity, handling and investment in processing technology

Integrating assembly into your development and series production process


Ready-to-assemble plate modules with integrated fastener

Series production of pre-finished modules.

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