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ARNOLD – Sustainable management

At ARNOLD, sustainable management means that the social, ecological and economic footprints left by the company and all its employees in their work should be in harmony with each other and thus contribute to securing the future in the long term - and this for more than 120 years.

With excellent employees, outstanding products and the best service, we ensure social, ecological and economic sustainability.

ARNOLD – more than just a company

Employees are the most important asset of a company and exactly this is expressed every day at ARNOLD.

A personal training plan as well as a mentor from the first day of work, a variety of development opportunities and a workplace where employees are allowed to take on responsible tasks independently from the very beginning are just a few examples that show how ARNOLD puts this into practice.

Furthermore, we are of the opinion that it is immensely important to establish social networks and to organize one's free time. Because if you can work, you can also party - or do sports, cultivate hobbies, educate yourself culturally, in short, spend your free time together with like-minded people.

ARNOLD offers a variety of opportunities to experience interesting things outside of working hours.

ARNOLD – part of the Würth world

Benefit from the advantages of a large group. Since 1994 ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK is a 100% subsidiary of the Würth Group.

For this reason, our employees can also benefit from all offers of the Würth Group. From sports offers, shopping discounts to attractive further training opportunities, ARNOLD can offer a lot on this basis.

ARNOLD – Working and living in Hohenlohe

Romantic region of world market leaders.
The Hohenlohe region around Forchtenberg, the headquarters of ARNOLD, is the region with the highest density of world market leaders in Europe.
This extraordinary region in the north of Baden-Württemberg is home to people who have always distinguished themselves through a wealth of ideas and courageous entrepreneurship.

But the Hohenlohe region is also a treasure trove for people who like nature, culture and an enjoyable way of life. Whoever decides in favor of ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK, also decides in favor of picturesque landscapes, cultural diversity and fantastic recreational opportunities.

Especially for families, the surrounding area of Forchtenberg offers highly attractive adventure areas. Whether it's the sunny vineyards, the picturesque river valleys of the Kocher, Jagst and Tauber rivers or traditional cultural cities such as Schwäbisch Hall: everyone will find their personal highlights in Hohenlohe - and certainly many people who have their hearts in the right place.

By the way, there are affordable building sites here, excellent schools and private schools, one of the lowest unemployment rates and crime rates in all of Germany and, last but not least, with ARNOLD at least one attractive employer.

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