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Protecting the climate, reducing costs, and keeping it light

Throughout the world, sustainability is a hot topic. Our society is facing increasing demands - and rightly so. Europe aims to be carbon neutral by 2050, with Germany aiming for 2045.

This means that the carbon account for engineering projects - particularly in the automotive sector - is growing in importance. The crucial question that people are asking themselves is “how can we minimise our carbon footprint at every stage of making and using a product?”

Fasteners from ARNOLD help you to save a lot of carbon in a highly crucial component - while at the same time reducing your costs and increasing fastening performance.

Smart product development methods sure to cut carbon

The latest digital forecasting tools (such as FEM) ensure that samples and prototypes are kept to a minimum. The number of potential variants reduces. And, with our early carbon calculation tool, we are able – as early as the development stage – to check out a product’s carbon footprint when it goes into series production.

Fastening solutions to improve your carbon and financial balance sheets

Rather than machining, we form our products, thus saving on materials. Moreover, in many cases thread-forming screws can replace conventional threaded screws – thus reducing production costs and cutting down on materials and weight. Other innovative ARNOLD product designs make it possible consistently to reduce sizes.

A partner with a comprehensive sustainability strategy

ARNOLD’s entire corporate philosophy is fully devoted to sustainability on an ecological, economic, and social level. This has a positive effect on the climate footprint of every single ARNOLD product.

BlueFastening Systems

Fastening the future of mobility

Talk to one of our experts at ARNOLD to find out how you can make carbon savings on your specific product.

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Your benefits at ARNOLD – getting down to specifics

How can working with ARNOLD specifically help you to improve your carbon account so that you can better achieve your company’s climate targets? There are very many options here. Take a look at our examples to find out more.

Now for some important details!

Webinar Sustainability

Sustainability is in ARNOLD’s DNA, manifesting itself in a variety of ecological, economic and social activities. The ACO2-Save program from ARNOLD means that we can reduce CO2 output, reduce costs, and improve fastening performance. 

Download the recordings of the webinar from 09.12.2021 here

ARNOLD cuts carbon and saves costs with:

  • Carbon calculation for new parts at the design and development stage
  • Lower materials consumption
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Innovative fastener designs
  • Personalised development partnership at every stage
  • Consistent sustainability implemented in every process at ARNOLD
  • Extensive investments in renewable energies

Need more hard facts about cutting carbon and cost-saving?

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