Double-strike and Multi-stage cold-forming

Cost-optimised double-strike and multi-stage pressing

In our double-strike section we are able to press a wide variety of product for you in large quantities, under constant process supervision.

During the double-strike cold-forming process, the wire is fed into the machine and locked onto a straightening device. Next the machine produces the bolts.

It does this by cutting the wire, placing it in front of a die-plate and then giving two blows to form the shape. It is so fast that you can hardly see it with the naked eye.

After every mechanical work process the parts are washed to remove any oil or metal chips. Once dry, the parts leave the unit ready for the next step.

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For multi-stage cold-forming ARNOLD uses the very latest forming technology with up to seven forming stages, enabling us to make especially cost-optimised precision and multi-functional parts for you.

The tool block is prepared in advance outside the machine, so that machine stoppage time is kept as short as possible.

At each separate forming stage, there is always a part inside each of the tools. So the parts gradually take on their eventual shape as they go through the various forming stages. As with everything at ARNOLD, each of the stages is digitally monitored. See for yourself.

See for yourself:

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