Quality Management

This is how we meet your very highest standards.

Our management system is structured in accordance with ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001. Furthermore, we undertake to conscientiously observe all relevant customer requirements, standards, statutory legislation, laws, and regulations.

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So that we can consistently achieve our high-quality aspirations, we have established some clear principles.

  • We follow a zero-defect philosophy and strive for perfection in every field of our activities.
  • We promote effective cooperation with our customers, suppliers and staff, based on fair partnership.
  • We work responsibly with respect for one another, and deal in a straightforward and quantifiable manner.
  • We call for and encourage strong performance.
  • We are optimistic and dynamic, and we see things through.
  • We fight passionately for success.
  • We consistently build on our successes and embark with vigour on new ventures.
  • Each member of our staff is responsible for carrying out our work to the utmost quality.
  • We pay especial attention to product safety requirements.
  • We have a duty to deal with and provide information in the event of any non-compliance with quality or adherence to deadlines.
  • The most important words in our vocabulary in our dealings with one another are “thank you”.


Together with our customers, employees and suppliers, we have set up a continuous improvement process in order to assure the future of our company.

Protecting the environment is part of quality

It is our aim, in all our actions, to keep the detrimental effect on our environment as low as possible. Health safety takes maximum priority in all our operations.
We use energy sparingly, we avoid waste and we strive for constant improvement when purchasing the energy consumers we need.

By reducing our energy consumption, and by making sustainable use of raw materials, manufacturing and operating materials, we contribute responsibly to the conservation of our energy reserves, while at the same time increasing our company’s efficiency.

All our staff are fully informed and qualified with regard to their quality and energy management tasks, and with regard to environmental protection. The Executive Management and all members of staff undertake to maintain our corporate policy and the ARNOLD Management system.


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The ENX Association supports with TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) on behalf of VDA the common acceptance of Information Security Assessments in the automotive industry. The TISAX Assessments are conducted by accredited audit providers that demonstrate their qualification at regular intervals. TISAX and TISAX results are not intended for general public.

For the ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK confidentiality, availability and integrity of information have great value. We have taken extensive measures on protection of sensitive and/or confidential information. Therefore, we follow the question catalogue of information security of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA). The Assessment was conducted by an audit provider, in this case the TISAX audit provider. The result is exclusively retrievable over the ENX Portal:


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