Control technology

A fastening has to reliably maintain its specified properties. For example, car manufacturers ensure that it does so with a high repeatability rate by making use of self-clinching systems. The accompanying monitoring technology records and monitors the correctness of the required parameters.

It is during series manufacturing it is most important that production runs smoothly. This also affects the clinching processes at the fastening points. But before that can happen and before everything is running smoothly, it is necessary to define the key data for the point of fastening. The customer usually specifies that he wants to insert a new element into a metal part. It is necessary to adhere to certain key data for the fastening point.

A series of customer requirements need to be implemented, starting with sorting the fasteners into the correct position, then conveying them to the machine, and then actually clinching them into the part. The main thing is that at every pressing stroke, assurance must be given that the fasteners in the clinching systems are in the correct position, and often in very rapid succession.


  • The “Controltec” controller can be adapted to individual customer requirements
  • Reliable monitoring of preset limit values
  • Measurement of the pull-out force for the fastener and insert depth
  • Recording of characteristic curves for every clinch operation
  • Easy operation via touchscreen

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