Facts and figures

This is how ARNOLD fasteners can reduce your carbon emissions and your costs

Intelligent forecasting technologies, innovative fastening solutions and consistent climate protection throughout every process: ARNOLD helps you in many ways to achieve your ambitious climate protection and financial targets – with rewarding success.

The benefits of ARNOLD in detail

Making decisions based on clear data: The optimum relationship between weight, cost, and CO2 emissions

We use the latest digital engineering instruments such as FEM simulations, as well as our own Fast Designer Forecasting tool. In addition, as early as the development stage of a product, we work out the carbon footprint of every single element that comes into play. It means that you can ascertain the best solution for your product – technically, economically, and ecologically.

Find out more about the benefits that our unique calculation tool can offer for your specific projects.

Forming rather than machining:
Conform® Next

The Conform® Next name stands for high-performance cold-form parts that can be implemented in countless applications. By forming rather than removing material in a machining process, we can drastically reduce material consumption and investment in technology. The result is a 45% reduction in CO2. At the same time, outstanding product characteristics can reduce weight within the application.

The next step: ARNOLD is building an innovative production facility especially for Conform® Next production. It is designed to be an energy plus building, producing more energy than it uses. Truly a positive asset  on your climate account too.

Find out how you can use Conform® Next and other innovative ARNOLD fasteners in your upcoming projects!

Innovative ARNOLD fasteners: Flowform® Plus

Flowform® Plus is a flow-hole forming screw used to join steels of up to 1,000 MPa without predrilling. The benefits to you in climate protection and financially – the special qualities ensure that you can select a smaller fastener than would be possible with conventional solutions. For example, instead of a 5mm diameter fastener, 4mm will suffice. This reduces the weight from 4 to 3 grams.

The effect of reducing the size can be seen in a User Case for a major OEM: Some 180,000 battery packs have been installed with Flowform® Plus fasteners – thus saving 140 tonnes of CO2 compared with traditional fastening methods.

Find out how Flowform® Plus and other pioneering components from ARNOLD can improve your climate account.

Innovative ARNOLD fastening systems: Flexweld®

Until now it has not been possible to join aluminum with hot-formed steel. Thanks to Flexweld® ARNOLD’s unique resistance element welding technology it can be achieved without problem – with impressive savings!

The new process was used for the first time in series production to fasten the parcel shelf on the VW Passat B8 saloon. Flexweld® fasteners were used to fasten an aluminium shelf to the steel body, thus replacing the much heavier steel sheet that had previously been required. That resulted in a weight saving of more than a kilo in that component alone.

Find out the savings potentials of Flexweld® and other innovative ARNOLD solutions for your upcoming projects.

Sustainability as a corporate concept – ARNOLD’s philosophy

Sustainability – saving energy, using renewable energy, reducing emissions, and preventing waste – is part of ARNOLD’s DNA.

  • We are a founding member of the Baden-Württemberg WIN Charta, which requires consistent implementation of sustainability principles in climate protection, environmental and social responsibilty.  
  • Since 2020 we have regularly produced a climate account.
  • Since 2021 we have carried out an annual climate monitoring excercise in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
  • In 2022 ARNOLD will subscribe to the principles of the UN Global Compact Initiative.

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