Advanced 3D manufacturing

Functional samples and final components – super-efficiently and straight from the printer.

Rapid, high-precision prototyping, efficient manufacture of very complex parts, cost-efficient short production runs. When you are faced with challenging engineering design problems, advanced 3D manufacturing from ARNOLD opens up huge potential.

We can build the components you need in record time additively using metal powder - even components that are difficult to make by conventional methods. Almost any weldable metal alloy available in powder form can be used to make them.

Why not take advantage of the opportunities? As early as the planning and analysis stage, throughout the production process, and right through to finishing the component, we are with you all the way.

No forming or tools required

The additive 3D printing process means that you can say goodbye to all those time-consuming pre-manufacturing processes. So you save money and an enormous amount of time – even when the task you face is incredibly complex.

Tremendous weight saving

Organic structures made in a metal 3D printing process are much lighter. So it’s possible to reduce weight without having to compromise on strength or functionality.

A single part instead of many components

Now it is possible to build up a single piece part, where previously such parts needed to be fitted, welded, or soldered.

Metal 3D printing from ARNOLD in action – see for yourself!

At ARNOLD experienced applications professionals will bring your plans to life on our own in-house equipment.

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Selective Laser Melting – the principle

At our own production facilities, we use a material in powder form, which is applied in a thin layer onto a base plate, where a laser beam fully melts it. Once the first layer of material has solidified, we repeat the process with a fresh layer of powder until the component is ready. The software takes the data it needs to guide the laser directly from the component's 3D data.

Advanced 3D manufacturing from ARNOLD makes it possible to make technical innovations, speed up project implementation, and reduce costs.

Uwe Wolfarth, Research & Development / Licencing
Senior Director

This is how you can benefit from our skill and expertise in metal 3D printing

  • Less material required – no cutting waste
  • Weight reduction of up to over 90% achievable
  • Weight and strength improvements thanks to FEM calculation and adaptive topology optimisation
  • Nesting of components on the platform enables significant cost optimization
  • Data preparation and enginveering by experienced ARNOLD design engineers
  • Development time savings by 60 – 80%
  • Quality assurance matched with the component

The automotive industry is changing rapidly – benefit now!

As an automotive supplier, do you not only want to meet the increasing demands of your customers, but also actively support them in their transformation? You have recognized the potentials of 3D printing and are looking for a strong partner for the development of cost-efficient fasteners? With ARNOLD 3D printing, you respond dynamically to the changes in the automotive industry. Find all the info in our white paper.

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Become a strategic partner of the industry!

As a supplier, you are required to have wide-ranging skills in a variety of complex processes today. With the innovative technology offered by 3D printing, you as a toolmaker, fixture constructor or other supplier can quickly and cost-efficiently offer solutions to your customers. And impressively demonstrate your innovative potential. Find all the information you need in our white paper.

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Experience and dedication – the perfect combination

Top level innovative, intelligent fasteners and extruded parts - that's what ARNOLD stands for all around the globe. Under the ARNOLD brand we can supply you with a unique combination of engineering, fasteners, functional parts, feeder systems and processing technology from a single supplier.

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