Advanced 3D manufacturing

Functioning models direct from the printer.

Metal 3D printing means that we can manufacture extremely complex parts from almost any weldable metal alloy in record time and at optimum cost – using your product's 3D data.

The parts are built up from metal powder additively, using the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) process, which eliminates the need for forming or for tools. At our own production facilities, we use a material in powder form, which is applied in a thin layer onto a base plate, where a laser beam fully melts it. Once the first layer of material has solidified, we repeat the process with a fresh layer of powder until the component is ready. The software takes the data needed to guide the laser directly from the component's 3D data.

Your benefits:

  • Less material required (no cutting waste)
  • A saving on resources since the component weighs up to 50% less
  • A substantial reduction in development time – around 60-80%


Find out about the possibility of manufacturing short-runs using highly efficient 3D printing. We will be happy to show you all the options available.

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