Test laboratory

Testing and examining metal components.

ARNOLD's Fastener Testing Center offers you a full service program wherever you need to carry out checks, tests, measurements or qualifications on metal components. The most up-to-date test equipment and experienced staff provide the right platform for high-quality and neutral results.

You will receive informative documentation and test reports for every analysis that we conduct for you.

Benefit from a wide range of services:
Examining the mechanical properties of components

  • Pulling tests to DIN EN 350-2 / DIN EN ISO 7783-2, at ambient temperature on screws and wire sections
  • Torque / breaking torque to DIN EN 20898-7
  • Pressure test/pressure resistance to DIN 50106
  • Hardness test to DIN EN ISO 6507 (HV10, HV0.3)
  • EHT measurement
  • Hardness processes

Measurement of components

  • 3-D measurement
  • Profile measurement
  • Length and diameter
  • Radii and angles

Micro-structure analysis in heat-treated and case-hardened steels 

  • Macro and micro-grinding
  • Micro-structure analysis
  • Carburisation status
  • Degree of cleanliness as per DIN 50602
  • Ascertainment of grain size as per ASTM E112
  • Assessing coating thickness
  • Measurement

Carrying out pre-defined trials

  • Friction coefficient as per DIN EN ISO 16047
  • Tapping torque as per DIN 7500 / DIN 267 T30
  • Pre-load force
  • Long-term measurement of pre-load force
  • Heat release behaviour as per VDA 235-203
  • Long-term pre-load force measurement in alternating atmospheres
  • Application analysis

Cleanliness and residual contamination analyses

  • Particle size distribution as per VDA vol. 19 ISO 16232
  • WPA 159 – Gravimetry as per WPA 160
  • Extraction curve

Determining a component’s resistance to corrosion

  • Salt water spray test as per DIN EN ISO 9227
  • Industrial atmosphere as per DIN 50018

Everything you need.

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