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Independent applications technology laboratory tests screw connections

In industrial manufacturing, the focus lies on the quality, safety and efficiency of the manufactured product. And the same applies to screw fastenings. Screw technology investigative tests help to ensure that the required quality standards are met and to optimise processes and procedures.

Innovative fasteners for high-performance plastics

When it comes to fastening plastics there are many different influencing factors at play. The challenge is to find a geometry for the screw fastening that balances out any negative effects such as tolerance fluctuations. Moreover, it is important that the fastening solution is optimally adapted to the material‘s properties and the type of load it will need to bear.

New system technology represents a boost in the advance of science

Each additional forming stage enables increased complexity in the manufacture of functional parts. Likewise, servo technology is opening up fresh manufacturing possibilities. To be able to offer a wider range of parts ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK has invested in new pressing technology.

ARNOLD maintains its Premium Supplier Status at Continental and Schaeffler

ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK received its Supplier Nomination from the international automotive supplier Schaeffler and Continental for the first time in 2017. In 2019 the firm was able to maintain that status.

New flowhole-forming screw creates new application horizons

Several years ago, ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK developed its Flowform fastening solution and established it on the market to meet the needs of an increasing number of metal joining applications. Now the company is introducing the next step in its development.

Electric cars need structurally sound fastening solutions | Battery Packs

If developers and manufacturers of fasteners wish to succeed, they must face the issue of vehicle electrification. And it is a topic that ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK from Forchtenberg-Ernsbach in south-west Germany has been concerned with for some years. The company began solid and comprehensive work on customers’ projects in this field back in 2016.


ZF TRW honours ARNOLD, based in Shenyang, China, with the “Excellent Supplier Quality Award 2018”. The award was presented at the Supplier Conference held in Shanghai on 23rd January 2019, by managers at ZF TRW, a China-based company belonging to ZF, the automotive supplier operating worldwide.

The role played by surface coating systems on thread-tapping screws

Thread-tapping screws are in frequent use, particularly in lightweight construction. To ensure process reliability during assembly and to create a reliable component, at the design stage of the fastening – besides the actual design of the screw – the surface coating system must also be precisely defined.

The new screw for trailer floors

In the trailer industry security and lightweight construction play an important role. Moreover, using the appropriate screws and processing technologies can make a contribution to the efficient construction and repair of semitrailers, while also honing costs.

Quiet segment feeder reduces abrasive wear on screws

Separating screws and getting them positioned correctly is a challenge for many automated and semi-automated production units.

ARNOLD and ESSVE agree sales cooperation

German company ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG, manufacturer of and development partner for innovative fastening systems and cold formed parts, and Swedish fastener supplier ESSVE intend to work more closely together in the future and are therefore concluding a sales cooperation agreement. The agreement will provide for improved support of customers in the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic. The partnership will also enable both companies to tap into new market potential.

Assembly efficiency with pre-assembled captive fastening systems

Lower assembly costs, fewer part types, and the trend towards fitting pre-fabricated components: there are many reasons for using pre-assembled fastening systems. Depending on the application concerned manufacturers can use different materials, and make use of detachable or permanent captive fastening systems.

Direct screw fastenings for plastics in lightweight construction

The trend for replacing metals with increasingly higher performance and high-strength plastics continues, particularly in lightweight construction. Against this background, direct fastenings that are perfectly designed and matched to these high-performance plastics are gaining in importance.

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