Processing equipment

ASA drill screw system.

The ASA drill screw system has been developed especially for fastening floors. High quality fastenings are achieved using special thread-rolling TAPTITE 2000® screws. The designers focussed particularly closely on work safety and handling speed. Optional extras can optimise your screw fastening scenario at reasonable cost.



Technical highlights

Visible screw magazine

Makes it easy to prepare screws in the magazine.

Adjustable drill speed

No premature wear on the drill caused by annealing.

Work with minimum effort

Pneumatic cylinder creates constant downward pressure for drilling and screwdriving.

Adjustable drilling and screwdriving depth

Cut-off limit switch on units. No reworking, optimum screw fastening scenario.

Chip extraction

Achieve clean work processes with the optional chip extractor – no reworking.

Dust-free bore hole with compressed air

After the bore has been drilled, compressed air cleans out the hole.

Laser cross-hair positioning

The laser cross-hair helps you to find the correct position.

Pneumatic lifting device

Easy movement and stable footing with 4 or 8 pneumatic easy-run guide rollers.

Topmost priority: work safety

The screwdriving system can be operated ergonomically and safety from a standing position.