More safety due to ultra-fine cleaning.

Your electronic and hydraulic components can be at risk from contamination by microscopically small particles. Every conventional manufacturing process produces such contaminating particles. And particularly in small and compact components this contamination can cause entire systems to fail. To enable us to meet your requirements for significantly improved operating safety, we have developed a special production process that guarantees technical cleanliness in the manufacture of our fasteners.


Cleanroom services: cleaning, coating, packing

Our aim is for Cleancon® to meet our own extremely high requirements for technical cleanliness. That's why we have developed a special production process, at the end of which the fasteners are placed into a specially designed clean room for ultra-fine cleaning. Since we also apply the optional low-friction coating, and pack the fasteners inside the cleanroom there are no further downstream processes that could cause contamination.

This is where we perform the following services for you:

  • the manufactured fasteners are subjected to the ultra-fine cleaning process using the most up-to-date plant technology
  • optionally: a low friction coating can be applied directly after the cleaning process
  • shipment packaging for clean consignments

We identify and eliminate microscopically small contaminating particles. In conventional manufacturing the number of metallic contaminating particles 100–200 μm and 200–400 μm in size is much higher (shown in grey) than with Cleancon's® ultra-fine cleaning processes (shown in blue).

Cleancon® gives you a clean advantage

  • We make sure of your project's economic success by tailoring the process precisely to your requirements.
  • You can use our ultra-fine cleaned fasteners to implement your smaller structures, and achieve better output densities. So you can fully exploit the opportunities for component miniaturisation.
  • Since our Cleancon® parts indicate significantly better quality, you and we receive fewer complaints.

Moreover, you benefit from some great enhancements:

  • longer service life for your hydraulic, mechanical, fluid systems etc., because they suffer less wear.
  • fewer failures of functional and safety components, such as your electronic control systems.


More safety due to ultra-fine cleaning

Modern laboratory technology and an ultra-fine cleansing system with its own clean room ensure that we comply with a high level of cleanliness requirements.