Technical cleanliness in fastening technology.

Technical progress means that nowadays components and systems are becoming increasingly smaller and more compact. However in the fields of electronics and hydraulics this harbours the risk that microscopically tiny particles, such as occur during a conventional manufacturing process, can cause the entire system to fail.

In order to meet maximum cleanliness requirements Arnold UMFORMTECHNIK has developed the special production process Cleancon®, at the end of which the fasteners are placed into a specially designed clean room for ultra-fine cleaning. In conditions similar to a clean room, we can offer the following services:
With the integral application of the low friction coating in the "clean room" and with the packaging process for the ultrafine-cleaned parts, there is no need for any further processes that might jeopardize the cleanliness values obtained.

  • Maximum ultra-fine cleaning using the most up-to-date systems technology
  • A low friction coating can be applied directly after the cleaning process
  • Shipment packaging for clean consignments

Using "Cleancon®" provides the following advantages:

  • Precise matching of customer requirements to ensure economic efficiency.
  • Improved assembly reliability
  • Fewer failures of functional and safety components (electronic controls systems etc.)
  • Longer service life due to less wear (hydraulic, fluid and mechanical systems etc.)
  • Opportunities for component miniaturisation (increased output density, smaller structures)
  • Potentially fewer complaints due to improved quality


Ultra-fine cleaning

Modern laboratory technology and an ultra-fine cleansing system with its own clean room ensure that we comply with a high level of cleanliness requirements. 


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