Surface treatment  

ARNOLD electro-plating efficiently applies a wide range of surfaces in the highest quality.

During the surface coating process, single drums transport the parts through the coating unit. First, the drum is filled with fasteners ready for decoction degreasing, a process during which oils, greases and other residual contamination are removed. ARNOLD thus ensures that the surface is clean and non-greasy. Then the items are rinsed before moving on into the pickling bath. This is where we remove oxide layers, such as rust and scale so as to produce a bright metallic surface. The items are rinsed again before they move into the electrolytic degreasing unit, our ultra-fine cleaning process which eliminates the last traces of any contaminants.

Cathodic corrosion protection

Another rinse and the ARNOLD fasteners are now perfectly prepared for the electrolytes. As a rule, we apply 8 to 16 microns of zinc to ensure cathodic protection against corrosion. Once again, this is followed by the obligatory rinsing stage. Depending on what the customer needs, a transparent, yellow or thick film is applied in the passivation process. After the final rinse, the items are dried inside the centrifugal drier.

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