Top quality in production

Because engineering needs a solid foundation.

Developing a product with ARNOLD means that you are working with specialists who know what they are talking about.
The foundation of this is formed by our international production sites where we generate top quality products on the most up-to-date machinery and using modern technologies.
Integral processes such as toolmaking, heat and surface treatment, and a honed quality assurance system all ensure that the products and services we supply are safe and reliable.


A tool-making facility with the latest equipment gives optimum support to the manufacturing departments, while also ensuring flexibility and effectiveness.

Pressing shop

In the dual pressing area we can press a huge variety of products in large quantities and under constant process supervision.

Roll milling

The existing plant and machinery can produce standard and special threads, and also components with non-detachable washers.

Multi-stage cold-forming

The latest forming technology (up to six forming stages) enables us to produce cost-optimised precision and multifunctional parts.

Heat treatment

In-house fully automated hardening furnaces reduce transfer times and optimise internal processes.

Surface treatment

Our own electro-plating unit efficiently applies a wide range of standard surfaces to the highest quality.

Ultra-fine cleaning

Cleancon® Modern laboratory technology and an ultra-fine cleansing system with its own clean room ensure that we comply with a high level of cleanliness requirements.

Quality assurance

Consistently enhanced employee qualification and intelligent inspection technology (automated sorters, climatic chambers etc.) – such as our Sortec® Prozess – ensure high quality.