Flowhole-forming clinch fasteners widen applications in lightweight car body construction.

The trend in car body construction is the use of combined fastenings, but also towards hybrid fastenings in a very wide variety of materials. This change in how materials are used brings with it some new requirements placed on joining technology. A flowhole-forming clinch fastener now enables new applications.

Flowpush®, the flowhole-forming clinch fastener, can be used anywhere where cycle times are a key issue for hybrid applications in fastening lightweight car body structures. At constant stability, the use lightweight materials must reduce the weight of the car body. The fastening solutions chosen often impose a challenge here.

High-speed bolt-setting is a metal-joining process that, with cycle times of up to 1 second, currently represents the major competitor to flowhole-forming and thread-tapping technology. The developers at ARNOLD Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG tackled precisely this point, and developed Flowpush®. This is a flowhole-forming clinch fastener that can be used to fasten hybrid applications, for example bonded sheets of the same or different material types.

The advantages for customers are plain to see:  Cycle times below 1.5 seconds can be achieved, conventional machinery can be used, and Flowpush® technology substantially extends the application limitations of Flowform®. Further, the non-detachable fastening process gives around 25 percent weight-saving.