Assembly efficiency with pre-assembled captive fastening systems

Lower assembly costs, fewer part types, and the trend towards fitting pre-fabricated components: there are many reasons for using pre-assembled fastening systems. Depending on the application concerned manufacturers can use different materials, and make use of detachable or permanent captive fastening systems.

In CapTec® ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK GmbH from Forchtenberg in Germany has developed a captive fastening system that can reduce assembly times, cut assembly costs, and simplify the assembly process. In doing so the company is reacting to the demand by the automotive industry to cut processing times. Behind the brand name of CapTec® lies a range of captive pre-assembled fasteners or bolt-and-sleeve combinations that are fitted during final assembly, and that can be used in any application. The systems are based on standard fasteners from ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK's product range; these fasteners are adapted correspondingly to the tolerances required.

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