Pierce-clinch nuts

The cost-optimised alternative to weld nuts.

With PIAS® pierce-clinch nuts (square) and RIVTEX® (ROUND) a non-detachable metal fastening can be created at optimum cost. The pierce-clinching technology is suitable for steel and aluminium sheets, causes very little cost for inspection and control, and allows several pierce-clinch screws to be processed in a single stroke.

PIAS® and RIVTEX® pierce-clinch nuts offer the following advantages over welded nuts:

  • corrosion-resistant
  • no weld spatter on the thread
  • no thermal weakening at the fastening position
  • self-piercing
  • higher torque requirements
  • high process reliability in fully-automated processing
  • flush-mounted processing
  • processing can be manual, semi or fully automated
  • self-locking thread possible