Aluminium inserts for challenging fastenings.

As a general rule, aluminium inserts are mainly used for joining plastics. They are used to stiffen components (tube supports) or as the counterpart to a direct fastening. With the appropriate choice of geometry and alloy they obtain outstanding fastening results. The benefits of aluminium inserts as metalmetal fastenings become evident, particularly for components that are subject to vibration stress or where operating temperatures are high.

Fastening properties

The list below shows the parameters for the various dimensions using variant 1 of the Eco-Sert® as an example. To a very great extent you can transfer the information to the other variants because of the Eco-Sert® modular system. The values stated for use in PA6.6 GF30 represent guideline values and should be checked on original production parts by carrying out screwdriving tests. With optimum layout, with the Eco-Sert® you can achieve a fully load-bearing screw connection. Our Fastener Testing Centre will be happy to arrange screwdriving tests on original parts.

  • lightweight
  • flexible
  • durable
  • stable
  • environmentally friendly
  • corrosion resistant

The benefits of a trilobular cross-section

  • approx. 35 % greater torsional torques compared with round-knurled inserts
  • greater vibration resistance
  • permits greater core hole tolerances when press-fitting

Direct fastening creates added value

The product range at ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK provides very many combination possibilities.

For example, using a TAPTITE® 2000 to tap directly into aluminium inserts, you can achieve outstanding fastening characteristics and also gain saving potential in overall fastening costs.

Eco-Sert® Simulation

How does the Eco-Sert® insert work?

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