Cost-optimised multi-functional parts.

Conforms to our customers' needs Under the brand name of Conform®, we develop and produce complex cold-formed parts for multi-functional uses, often customer-specific, and always using our sophisticated development expertise and the most up-to-date plant and machinery. Because the metal is formed, our Conform® parts are much more economical than conventional precision and turned parts, which are machined.

Ready quicker, so quicker to series production

Engineering designers and developers see the benefits of our “Arnold Fastener Express“ engineering tool as early as the development and prototype stages. It is incorporated into the development process and by carrying out a series manufacture check at an early stage it supplies the required parameters for cost-efficient, optimised development and production steps, and for functional prototypes in close-to-series production quality. It means that we can make, evaluate, and implement any modifications that may be required at an early stage of the product development process That saves time and development costs.

You save up to 80%

With our innovative multi-stage forming you save up to 80% on bulk production runs compared with turned parts. Reasons for such enormous savings include the fact that less material is required for non-cutting forming. And multi-stage pressing delivers a much higher production output compared with conventional lathes.

Diverse product range

We produce our Conform® parts on the latest plant and machinery:

  • multi-stage presses with up to 7 forming stages
  • machines capable of complex internal and external machining
  • comprehensive post-production centres

This ensures that the areas of application and the design possibilities for Conform® products are almost unlimited. Our comprehensive product range includes:

  • external toothing
  • form-rolled parts
  • hollow and semi-hollow parts
  • eccentric parts
  • bearing pins

Conform® production options include complicated external contours, blind and through-holes, and short, hard-to-convey parts, as well as products requiring centre-hole machining. We have our own heat-treatment and surface treatment facilities so that we can handle the entire manufacturing process in-house, in one continuous process.