Preassembled fastening systems for increased efficiency.

The unique CapTec® fastening system brings new momentum to your processes. Using CapTec® noticeably shortens assembly times straight away. Assembly costs decrease as a result which in turn means a reduction in the number of suppliers and consequently a reduction in small parts management.

The market challenges

  • Shortening the assembly time
  • Reducing the assembly costs
  • Reducing the number of suppliers
  • Reducing small parts management
  • Simplifying the assembly process
  • Lowering overall fastening costs
  • Selecting the screw design
  • Requirements for press-out force, assembly clearance and thread end projection length

Technical advantages

  • High degree of prefabrication
  • High assembly reliability
  • Integrated radial tolerance compensation
  • Joining in multi-material mix
  • Transport protection for thread
  • High load resistance in the fastening

Commercial advantages

  • Shortens the assembly time
  • Reduces number of parts and handling of parts
  • Efficient solutions according to requirements specification
  • A system from a single source
  • Prefabricated component assembly

CapTec® proves its value in actual use

CapTec® is used in many areas, primarily in the automotive industry but also in machine construction. The advantages of CapTec® are particularly evident in overhead screwing (e.g. when screwing in the oil sump) where the preassembled fastening system makes handling a lot easier. When combined with a support sleeve, CapTec® is ideal for use where sleeves are integrated in plastic parts. CapTec® completely covers the load transfer and surface pressure requirements of the components. Here too, ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK offers the additional option of captive screw placement, thus creating significant added value for the customer.