The drive system that is gentle on tools.

En utilisant les entraînements TORX PLUS® il est possible de minimiser la hauteur de la tête, ce qui réduit le poids de la pièce de montage. Ceci est facilité grâce à une prise de force améliorée garantissant une réduction de la profondeur de pénétration.

TORX PLUS® provides these advantages, because of the following design characteristics:

  • the actual working angle is 0°
  • larger cross-section on cam faces
  • lower chamfering on application of force

Calculation basis:

A ratio of minimum 1.0 to 1.0 between the thread tension surface and head tension surface was established as the standard head height combined with TORX® with regard to an optimal residual base thickness.

Of course TORX PLUS® also provides the well-known advantages that distinguished the TORX® driver system.

  • low axial forces required
  • fatigue-free working
  • no damage to surface
  • high breakaway torques
  • no tool slippage

Further advantages of the TORX PLUS® driver system:

  • 25% improvement on average torsion resistance in screwdriving tools
  • improved tool seating when power-driving the screw
  • compatible with existing tools on TORX® screwdriving system, so no maintenance problems with existing TORX® applications

From this we derive the following assembly advantages:

  • Downtime minimised due to longer tool life
  • Improved assembly reliability between tightening and breaking torques
  • Screwing conditions improved with improved assembly tool seating