Secure fastening with the full range of ThreadLoc® thread locks.

In ThreadLoc® ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK has created a full product range to meet every screw fastening need. From the range, users are able to find the right fastening, damping or sealing solution to suit their particular application, and thus ensure constantly successful fastenings.

The ThreadLoc® product range picks up on the differentiation between market-based mechanical and chemical screw locks, and recommends the correct locking solution for each application, including damping and sealing properties.

ThreadLoc® with adhesive Complies with DIN 267 part 27 (chemically reactive)

  • reliable locking against self-actuating detachment
  • adhesive as well as sealing function
  • dry, touch-proof locking coat ready for use at any time
  • once cured, unaffected by oil and grease
  • screw and fastener form a single unit and thus the locking element cannot detach
  • no extra stockholding required
  • easy and secure assembly

ThreadLoc® with clamping Complies with DIN 267 part 28 (not chemically reactive)

  • reliable lock against a screw fastening detaching completely (counter effect to unscrewing rotation, however it cannot be arrested)
  • simultaneous clamping and sealing function against fluids and gases (with all-round coating)
  • dry, touch-proof locking coat ready for use at any time
  • resistant to almost all aggressive media
  • screw and fastener form a single unit, no need for mechanical locking elements, no dual stockholding required, no additional assembly work, impossible to forget the locking element, nondetachable
  • easy and secure assembly
  • load can be applied immediately after assembly



Detachable mechanical screw lock

Recommended product: POWERLOK® locking screws

POWERLOK® screws are locking screws with a TRILOBULAREM® screw thread. They screw into an existing metric ISO thread (tolerance range 6H). Small 30° edges are rolled on the regular 60° thread edges, and these extend beyond the nominal bolt thread diameter. When the fastener is screwed into the counter-thread (ISO 6H), these 30° tips penetrate and cause the screw to self-lock, thus creating an oscillation and vibration-resistant seat. The deformation of the female thread caused by the 30° tips takes place in the flexible area. This ensures a high degree of self-locking and a reusability rate for the screw of up to five times into the same female thread. There is no possibility of lengthways or crossways movement between screw and female thread. Even in ductile materials, no signs of deformation occur. Even without head friction, the ARNOLD POWERLOK® thread guarantees a high degree of vibration resistance – a benefit when used as threaded bolt or setting screw.