Straight insertion reduces assembly costs.

Forget costly assembly problems caused by cross-alignment of screws into the counter threads. When such cross-threading occurs, a new, slanting thread is formed, so the original nut thread is damaged. With our innovative MAThread® dog point, the problem simply goes away, because MAThread® ensures that the screwdriving operation is straight. Screws with the MAThread® dog point are manufactured in a chipless cold-forming process, they are shorter and lighter than other special fastenings, and they are also very versatile. They are robust and easy to fit. With MAThread® you cut out all the problems that commonly occur when fitting threaded fasteners. That's why many OEMs (such as GM, Ford and Daimler) and suppliers (such as Vistoen) are using MAThread®.

MAThread® is an innovative dog point that prevents the screw from penetrating at a slant. The compensating thread balances out any alignment errors.

Compensation thread means no alignment errors

Make use of these extra advantages of MAThread®

  • compensation for
    • screws fed at skewed angle
    • screws fed at offset angle
  • rapidly threads into the nut thread
  • easy to position the screw
  • short cycle times
  • high process reliability
  • no jamming
  • reduced risk of surface damage
  • lower risk of injury
  • in fasteners with through hole
  • fewer defects, repairs, less scrap, and less down time


MAThread® is a trademark licensed by MAThread Inc.