Straight screw-in reduces assembly costs.

Every day, industries throughout the world encounter assembly problems caused by cross-threading. Cross-threading occurs when the screw is misaligned into the female thread. This creates a new thread, which destroys the female thread. Now Arnold UMFORMTECHNIK is able to supply the patented MAThread® dog-point, an innovative solution to this problem.

MAThread® is an innovative dog point that prevents the screw from penetrating at a slant. The compensating thread balances out any alignment errors.

Compensation thread means no alignment errors

Screws with MAThread® dog points are shorter, lighter and can be used in more applications than other special fasteners. They are easy to fit, and robust, and thus eliminate every problem that commonly occurs with regard to fitting threaded fasteners.

The MAThread design allows the designer to select the point shape best-suited to feed well in the application. As the threads come into contact, the patented anti-cross thread MAThread design begins to cam over the female thread.

The MAThread design now forces the two thread helixes to align every time without fail.


  • Compensates screws placed at cocked angle
  • Compensates screws fed at skewed angle
  • Cams quickly into the female thread
  • High process reliability
  • No jamming
  • Easy to position the screw
  • Short cycle times
  • Reduced risk of surface damage
  • Less risk of injury by fasteners with through hole
  • Reduced defects, repairs, scrap, and down time