The secure screw connection.

A screw fastened with LocTec® locking drive cannot be removed by conventional means, and there's no need for additional security devices. No need to hammer in a steel ball, or use shear-off fasteners.

It means that with LocTec®, you can

reduce assembly costs, keep stocks to a minimum and drastically cut the costs for your lock fasteners. Simply fit the screw with the special LocTec® locking screwdriver bit and the job is done. With the drive's unique flank geometry, all you have to do is to fasten the screw with the LocTec® locking screwdriver. Any attempt to unscrew it will cause the assembly tool to disengage from the head of its own accord. Even if you are using the LocTec® driver bit that was used to fit it in the first place. There is no risk even if the LocTec® safety screwdriver bit should fall into the wrong hands.

The additional advantages of LocTec®

In addition to creating protection against every conventional attempt to unscrew the fastener, LocTec® provides the extra advantages of a high-quality screw:

  • accurate transmission of defined torques
  • cannot be detached without destroying the fastener
  • no waste scrap as would be caused by shear-off screws
  • no additional work steps as would be needed for drilling on or bonding
  • no danger that the end product will be damaged, as can happen when a ball is hammered in
  • same process speed as for other screw fasteners
  • automatic assembly possible due to precise bit guidance
  • not influenced by corrosion

Besides preventing attempts to unscrew it by conventional methods,  LocTec® offers the following benefits:

  • accurate transmission of defined torques
  • cannot be detached without destroying the fastener
  • no additional locking elements
  • no risk of damaging the component
  • no corrosion restrictions
  • automated assembly possible

LocTec® Simulation

The LocTec® locking screw system.

Considerable reduction in time and money can be made by using LocTec® lock fasteners – with no compromises on quality.