Security lock fastener.

LocTec® is a fastening that is resistant to most tampering attempts thanks to a combination of screw-driver and assembly tool.

Considerable reductions in time and money can be made by using LocTec® lock fasteners to create lock fastenings. The screw is simply screwed in using the special locking bit - job done. There's no need for any further locking measure - such as driving in steel balls, or using breakaway elements.
The special flank geometry on the screw drive allows the screw only to penetrate inwards.

Any attempt to drive it out, even using the locking bit that was used to fit it, will result in the fitting tool being automatically driven out. It means that the fastening can be undone only by mechanically adapting the screw head.

Besides preventing attempts to unscrew it by conventional methods,  LocTec® offers the following benefits:

  • Accurate transmission of defined torques
  • No risk caused by passing on removal tools
  • No waste scraps occur
  • No additional work operations necessary
  • No risk of damaging the end product
  • Same process speed as for conventional screw fasteners

LocTec® Simulation

The LocTec® locking screw system.

Considerable reduction in time and money can be made by using LocTec® lock fasteners – with no compromises on quality.