Reduces asembly time by up to 75%.

TriPress® is a triangular quick fastening system that can be clinched into plastic, light metals and steel. You can join two components quickly and economically by pressing in the TriPress® fastener.

Technology in application

The TriPress® is available in the following designs:

  • triangular shank and axially parallel knurls provide high torsional strength
  • circumferential locking flutes on triangular shaft generate high pull-out resistance
  • combinations of flutes and knurls create positive-fit fastenings and achieve high torsional torques and pull-out forces

The fastener can be clinched into pre-prepared holes or injected as inserts into plastic housings.

The advantages of the triangular shape:

  • approximately 35 % greater torsional torques compared with round-knurled bolts
  • greater vibration resistance
  • highly reliable when fitting nuts with TriPress® centre collar version (MB) and TriPress® connecting fastener

Benefits of the circumferential locking flutes:

  • improves pull-out forces
  • very secure against unscrewing by itself

The advantages of TriPress® over screw fastenings:

  • 75 % less fitting time
  • no assembly errors
  • independent of pre-stress forces
  • force-controlled clinching
  • uses more economical operating materials and tools

The advantages of TriPress® over injection moulded screws (In plastics):

  • no need to insert metal parts into injection moulds
  • shorter cycle times
  • no lost fastener elements

TriPress® Simulation

The rapid fastening system TriPress®.

The TriPress® clinch pin joins plastic to metal. Its trilobular shaft its locking flutes ensure that they are easy to insert, and maintain high holding force and excellent vibration resistance. Torsion resistance is around 35% higher than for round pins.