More secure when joining plastics.

In our increasingly complex world, we can hardly imagine what it would be like without plastics. Nowadays we are finding plastics in use where just a few years ago only metals were to be found.Moreover, the material properties of the latest plastics and the production technologies allow us to implement designs that could not be achieved in metal. With plastics we can integrate the widest variety of processes and functions into a single component, and manufacture that component in a single production step. However, at some point in the design process, we arrive at the point where the manufactured component needs to be connected to the greater whole. When you designed your component, if you answered "yes" to the questions about whether the fastening needs to be detachable, or whether a defined preload force was required, there's no getting round the need for a screw fastening.

The optimised material flow of the plastic means that the nut material takes a great deal less load, making the connection suitable for the plastic material. The high thread engagement also ensures that the cutting surface is bigger. This increases the fastening's overtorque. The lower load on the nut material also allows higher pre-load forces, creating a long-lasting connection at maximum residual pre-load force.

The advantages of REMFORM® at a glance:

  • asymmetric thread
  • minimal load on tube due to very small angle of the bearing flank
  • optimum material flow due to radius profile
  • high pull-off forces
  • high pre-load forces with low load on the nut material
  • high level of process reliability
  • high delta between screw-in torque and overtorque
  • high failure moment due to the optimised core diameter
  • high tensile and torsion strength
  • design reliability with Fast Designer PLASTICS
  • repeatable screw fastening possible
  • fastening has high dynamic load

Self-tapping or insert

Our response to the requirement for a well-priced and reliable connection is self-tapping direct screw fastenings under the REMFORM® brand. The thread-rolling screw with its asymmetric thread profile, which is screwed into pre-formed bores, is realised in a type of assembly that is economical, recycling-friendly, and which can be undone. Compared with insert solutions,

REMFORM® saves you time and money:

  • no additional elements needed
  • no additional insertion process
  • no risk of your tool tilting when closing
  • greatly reduced cycle time

REMFORM® Simulation

Direct screw fastening into synthetic materials – how does it work?

To optimise your fastening, you also need to design the counterpart to the screw to suit the fastening. In most cases the insertion tube is a cylindrical receiving bore with no internal thread, moulded when the injection-moulded components are manufactured. The core holes will vary according to the material. To ensure optimum bore design for the REMFORM® screw, we have determined some factors for specific plastics. You can multiply these by the screw diameter when you are designing the component.


REMFORM® is a trademark licensed by CONTI Fasteners AG