The innovative sheet metal.

The In sheet-metal joining the trend is towards ever thinner sheet metals, and the fasteners used need to be higher strength than ever. The need at times to join highly disparate materials makes the task even more challenging. In such situations, conventional joining processes often reach their limits. Our answer to the increasing challenges arising in the metal-joining sector is called Flowform®. This self-Piercing and Extruding Fastener provides a fully automated join, with no pre-drilling and accessible from one side. Flowform® fastenings are also very economical and reliable.


The innovative sheetmetal joining technology provides positive technical and economical benefits.

This is how Flowform® works
The Flowform® screw heats up and penetrates the sheet metal. With its polygonal tip geometry it forms a extruding hole and taps a thread. This thread is able to accept a metric screw if it ever needs repair. After it has been screwed in, the formed extruding hole adjusts optimally to the contours of the screw.

Save time and money with Flowform®:

  • no pre-drilling operations
  • no thread cutting
  • no chips formed during screw-in
  • greatly reduced cycle times

A comparison of current joining.

Flowform® Simulation

How do Flowform® fasteners work?

Using "flow punch-forming" technology the Flowform® screw causes the sheet metal to heat, using a combination of axial force and relatively high screwdriver speed. Once the material has been penetrated the polygonal shape of the screw forms a metric female thread. After the torque-controlled assembly process the formed through-hole adjusts optimally to the contours of the screw.