Flexweld resistance element welding.

Until recently it has always been impossible to join aluminium to hot-formed steel. Now this is possible with Flexweld® – the unique resistance element welding technology from ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK. The new process has just been implemented for the first time in high-volume production, manufacturing the parcel shelf for the VW’s Passat B8 limousine, saving over a kilogram in weight in this component alone.

The future is lightweight – with Flexweld®

Flexweld®, the unique joining process, offers countless benefits, with one of the biggest advantages being the considerable weight reduction in the age of lightweight construction. Moreover, no additional machinery is required to incorporate it into an existing car body assembly line.

  • significant weight saving, which provides long-term reduction in CO2 emissions
  • joins lightweight materials to high-strength metals
  • can be incorporated into existing assembly lines since it is possible to use the same production and welding equipment
  • no additional qualification for workers needed
  • complete system including full feeder and processing technology
  • mixed production possible by adapting the spot weld gun software
  • reliable high-volume production
  • can use standard operating materials

Steel continues to be the most important material used in car bodies, and high-strength steels in particular play an increasingly important role in automotive lightweight structures. They can be used to develop and produce thinner walled and lighter components. That cuts down weight and is good for the environment because they also help to greatly reduce CO2 emissions. In Flexweld® for the first time we have an innovative joining technology that is optimised to the demands that high-strength steels bring with them.

Flexweld® Simulation

Resistance element welding at Volkswagen.

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