Direct screw fastening for sheet metals.

Due to the efficient design of components, the sheet thicknesses in the area of sheet metal joining technology are continuing to decrease. Despite the fact that less material is involved, it is still necessary to meet the growing demands for reliable assembly. Within the value-added process, the aim is also to shorten assembly times or save on upstream process steps.

With Sheetite® you make use of the technological and economic advantages of fastening directly into sheet metals. The fastener is screwed directly into a pre-drilled sheet metal component, using existing plant and equipment. The polygonal cross-section geometry in the thread-forming section of the screw ensures that the female thread is chiplessly formed, so that if a repair is needed it can also accept a conventional threaded screw. In the load-bearing thread area, the screw's shaft takes on a round cross-section, which achieves a better load capacity. Besides its improved hole-finding capacity in axis and angle offset situations, the rounded tip also protects product components located inside the installation area, and the risk of injury is reduced both during assembly and in the fitted condition. Overall, it provides significant quality advantages: easy screw placement, low tapping torque, high overload security.

  • reliable
  • low cost
  • flexible
  • easy to assemble
  • optimised load capacity
  • reduces number of variants

When expertise turns into profit

Sheetite® enables efficient design of the value-added process, since several work steps can then be left out. The cost of cutting, machining and checking threaded holes, and similarly the cost of extra security elements, tools and machines, are all eliminated.

Sheetite® Simulation

Direct screw fastening for sheet metals