Direct screw fastening for sheet metals.

Speed up your production and greatly lower your overall fastener costs. With der Sheetite® you make use of the technological and economical advantages of fastening directly into sheet metals.

Using Sheetite® ensures that in metal-joining applications, you can eliminate work processes such as thread tapping, and also dispense with additional fastening elements. The fastener is screwed directly into a metal rim-hole or a pre-drilled metal sheet, using existing plant and equipment. The polygon-shaped cross-section geometry in the threadtapping section of screw's shaft ensures that the thread is chiplessly formed, so that if a repair is needed it can accept a conventional threaded screw. In the load-bearing thread area the screw's shaft takes on a round cross-section, which achieved a better load capacity. Besides its improved hole-finding capacity in axis and angle offset situations, the rounded tip also protects product components located inside the installation area, and the risk of injury is reduced both during assembly and in fitted condition. It also provides significant quality advantages: easier screw placement, low tapping torque, high overload security.

  • reliable
  • low cost
  • flexible
  • easy to assemble
  • very stable
  • reduces number of variants

When expertise turns into profit!

When you use Sheetite® screws you make a considerable reduction in operating costs because you can now leave out several work steps. The cost of cutting and machining threads and the cost of extra security elements, such as monitoring, tools and machines, are all eliminated.

Sheetite® Simulation

Direct screw fastening for sheet metals