Clinch fasteners for different assembly jobs.

RIVORM® fasteners are ideally suited for fitting ties and springs. Furthermore, they can also be used as positioning and assembly aids and can be deployed in many strengths of sheet metal. Fully automated processing possible in the subsequent composite tool.

The benefits of the RIVORM® HR clinch nut

  • one nut for all sheet metals up to 4.5 mm
  • cost-saving due to fewer variants
  • high-strength, press-hardened and hot-stamped steels
  • very good torsional strength regardless of metal strength
  • high pull-out force
  • ARNOLD processing technology for process-reliable and cost-optimised production
  • existing ARNOLD processing technology for other nut types can be altered at little cost (and permanently) to convert to HR nuts
  • also available in stainless steel

The benefits of the RIVORM® TR rivet

  • for fitting ties and springs
  • fully automated processing possible in the subsequent composite tool
  • can be applied universally for different assembly jobs, such as fastening electrical control units, or other plastic parts, simply by clipping them in
  • can be processed in all metal strengths
  • application as positioning and assembly aid

How the fastener functions

The material is peeled and a collar formed so that a flush and positive fit of the fastener is created with the sheet metal material. This can either transfer very high forces (e.g. AX 20x14) or with the version that is flush with the sheet, the fastener can be used to directly mount connected parts (e.g. AX 16x4). This principle can be applied to almost every material.


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