Our values and guiding principles.

At ARNOLD these are more than mere words.

Our corporate values and guiding principles are what make us unique. They provide guidance and motivation in our daily work and in the way we work together. They help to ensure that we are all pulling in the same direction, and that the members of our team are proud to be working with us.

We inspire our customers!

  • We supply more than just fastening systems.
  • We strive to form sustainable design and development partnerships with our customers.
  • We develop intelligent solutions and from them create our own branded products.
  • We are located throughout the world, in the locations where customers need us.

We strive for excellence in every area!

  • We exert the top quality manufacturing skills that we possess because engineering requires a solid foundation.
  • We consistently build on our successes and embrace the new.
  • We push the boundaries of technological possibilities.
  • We take our responsibility to protect the environment very seriously.

We enjoy success because of the expertise and commitment of our staff!

  • We work with mutual respect and trust.
  • We promote our employees' personal and professional development.
  • We promote and require corporate thinking and action.
  • We all pull in the same direction.

We are part of the Würth Group!

  • We strive towards economic success so as to secure our future.
  • We constantly expand our influence, because standing still represents a backwards step.
  • We invest in innovative technologies, markets and in our employees.
  • We are committed to our regional environment.