Quality – It's what
ARNOLD is renowned for.

And it’s how we meet the high demands
placed on us.

As a member of the Würth Group of companies we are a successful manufacturer of screws, fastener elements and cold form parts. Our customers value us as an expert development partner supplying top quality, intelligent and innovative fastening solutions.

Customers' requirements are the benchmark for the quality of our products and services. All our activities are geared towards achieving maximum customer satisfaction and economy to benefit our customers.

Achieving goals – yet always with the environment in mind

In all our actions we maintain a philosophy to keep the detrimental effects on our environment as low as possible. The protection of the environment in all our operations is an important part of our company culture. Together with our customers, employees and suppliers, we have set up a continuous improvement process in order to secure the future of our company. We pursue our customers' own zero-defect philosophy. Our employees ensure our success by applying their expertise, their motivation and their willingness.

We have established the following principles, aimed at bringing all this to reality

  • We promote effective and professional collaboration with our customers, suppliers and staff.
  • The most important word in our dealings with one another is "thank you".
  • We work responsibly with respect for one another, and deal in a straightforward and quantifiable manner.
  • We call for and encourage service.
  • We are optimistic and dynamic, and we see things through.
  • We fight passionately for success.
  • We consistently build on our successes and love to embark on new ventures.
  • We strive for perfection in every field of our activities.
  • Each of us is responsible for carrying out our work to the utmost quality.
  • We pay especial attention to product safety requirements.
  • We have a duty to deal with and provide information in the event of any non-compliance with quality or adherence to deadlines.

Our Management System is structured in line with DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001. This ensures that we comply with all the relevant requirements imposed by customers, technical standards, legislation and regulations.

Awareness at ARNOLD

Besides looking after the environment and our resources, our most important objectives are to produce and assure quality.

Our corporate objectives in detail:

  • Zero Defect Rate.
  • Preventing faults takes priority over fixing them.
  • High quality requirements placed on suppliers because ARNOLD's own quality depends on them.
  • Reducing the cost of quality assurance, in particular by avoiding rejects and reworks.
  • Reducing the effects on the environment.

At Arnold we believe that social responsibility towards our own employees and society in general should be at the forefront of our business activities. This is true of ourselves and of our suppliers. We base this on the principles and rights set out in the UN Global Compact Initiative (adopted in Davos in January 1999) and in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights of Work (adopted in Geneva in June 1998).

The following principles are of particular importance:

  • To have a high regard for human dignity and human rights, and to observe the prohibition on child labour and forced labour
  • To put into practice the concept of equal opportunities and family-friendly working conditions
  • Not to discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnic origin, nationality, age, disability, civil status, sexual orientation, political leanings, membership of a union or similar, gender or status as an elderly person
  • To protect indigenous rights (the rights of native inhabitants)
  • To prohibit bribery and extortion
  • To maintain socially adequate working conditions
  • To protect against individual arbitrary measures against personnel
  • To create conditions that allow employees to enjoy a reasonable standard of living
  • To allow positive and negative freedom of association
  • To ensure staff employability by providing training and further education
  • To provide information to employees about the aims, economic position and current topics affecting the company and its employees
  • To promote responsible action by all employees in relation to the natural environment
  • To comply with all health and safety at work regulations and requirements
  • To comply with applicable legislation and statutes