Purchasing & Logistics

Suppliers: relationships and development.


New suppliers

We ask potential new suppliers to introduce themselves by sending us a completed supplier information form.


Before supplies can be made we require you to recognise the following quality assurance agreement and conditions of purchase. The supplier must confirm these in writing.

Please direct your offer to this address:
Supplies must be made in compliance with the regulations set out in the draft US Conflict Materials Act HR 4173.

For all relevant products suppliers should fill out the questionnaire relating to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 1502 "Conflict Minerals".


Suppliers must observe the legal and customer-specific stipulations regarding the environmental sustainability of the supplied items in accordance with LV15. We also apply other product-specific agreements. Please ask us for details.

Initial sample

For the supply of initial samples, we require the Supply of Initial Samples procedure. Please send your completed Initial Sample Test Report to: Lieferantenempb(at)arnold-fastening.com


In the event of a complaint we expect a statement from you made on the attached 8D Complaint Management Form. Please note our minimum requirements and the cause and effect diagram and the 5-Why-Analysis.

Suppliers: relationships and development

The information concerning supplier relationships and supplier development is regularly updated and enhanced. Please therefore download the latest information from our website.

Current requirements

Please send us your non-binding quotation, free of charge and on the basis of our terms and conditions of purchase for the following:

  • perfect condition used Europallets
  • perfect condition used small parts bins (4314, blue)
  • perfect condition used small parts bins (3214, blue)