Company history

2017 | BlueFastening Systems
With the merger of ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK and ARNOLD & SHINJO, and the company's repositioning as "BlueFastening Systems", the ARNOLD GROUP has developed into a comprehensive supplier and development partner for complex fastening systems.

A further subsidiary company was formed: ARNOLD FASTENING SYSTEMS in the USA. At the site in Auburn Hills, ARNOLD FASTENING SYSTEMS supplies customers with technologically high quality fastening systems from ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK and with the fastening systems supplied by ARNOLD & SHINJO.

2008 | 6-stage press
The company's expertise in cold forming was extended with investment in a 6-stage press.

Subsidiary created in China.

2007 | Dörzbach plant
ARNOLD opened its Dörzbach plant, its second production site in Hohenlohe.

2002 - 2008 | Major investments
Major investments in plant and machinery, heat treatment and electroplating facilities.

The company is now making fasteners in sizes up to 16 mm diameter and 200 mm in length.

Subsidiary established in France.

2002 | Logistics centre opened
The logistics centre opened at Neu Kuper just off the A6 motorway.

2001 | Redefining its position on the market
ARNOLD redefined its position on the market. "The expert manufacturer and development partner for top quality intelligent fastener solutions."

1998 | Company anniversary
ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK celebrated its 100-year history.

In 1994 subsidiary company ARNOLD & SHINJO was formed.

1994 | Würth headquarter
The Würth group acquired shares in the fastenings factory. The company continued to operate as an independent business operation under the name of ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG.

1970s | Trilobular screws
A sea change was beginning. By the end of the 1970s, simple parts were being replaced by technically high-quality products, the company obtained licences to manufacture trilobular products and the Torx fastener system, and the plant and machinery were extended so that parts could be produced straight from a drawing. The clientele started to move towards industrial and end users, such as the automotive industry and their suppliers, plastics processors, as well as the electrical, building and timber working industries.

1973 | ASPA Screw
ARNOLD's ASPA screw was a highlight of the 1970s.

1970s | Multi-stage presses
The product range expanded with the acquisition of multi-stage presses. Special screws now had a place in the product program.

1945 | Advertising folder
This year saw the firm's reconstruction. The product range expanded to include metal screws and self-cutting screws, and the company acquired heat treatment and electroplating production facilities.

1913 | New factory
A new, modern factory with pitched shed roofing was built, making ARNOLD one of the leading screw manufacturers in Germany. Threaded screws were added to the product line, along with the timber screws.

1898 | First products they made were timber screws
Screws for timber, made of iron and brass, were the first products to be produced here.

1898 | Company foundation
The "Iron Goods" factory was first established at the "Red Mill" in Ernsbach in October of this year.