An exciting journey through time – the history and origins of ARNOLD.

Find out in our fascinating image videos how the company came into being, the obstacles it had to overcome and how the company is positioned in the market today.

Part 1: From the beginning to 1945

The beginnings of the industry in Ernsbach, a small town on the River Kocher in the Hohenlohe district, can be traced back more than 300 years. Find out how ARNOLD was established in Ernsbach and the developments the company underwent until global political events in the 1930s halted production.

Part 2: 1945-1998

After the end of the war in 1945, the ARNOLD team was bursting with energy to start up production again as quickly as possible. A special customer also visited the screw factory at that time. The company continued to evolve steadily, investing heavily in the process.

Part 3: 1998-2014

In the early years of the 21st century, ARNOLD evolved from manufacturer to development partner for intelligent joining solutions. ARNOLD continued to grow and opened a second location in Germany along with subsidiaries in France and China. In 2010, the company exceeded the EUR 100 million sales threshold for the first time.

Part 4: From 2014

The world is constantly changing and ARNOLD also faces a number of challenges. Under the new “Blue Fastening Systems” identity, the company offers design engineering, production, fasteners and processing technology from a single source. Further milestones have followed as the 1,000th employee was hired and the EUR 200 million sales threshold was exceeded in 2018.