Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of sustainability stands at the forefront of our corporate actions.

For more than 100 years, sustainable management at ARNOLD has meant that the social, ecological, and economic footprints that the company and all its employees leave behind in their activities are in harmony, and thus make a contribution to the long-term future.

With excellent employees, outstanding products, and the best possible service we are ensuring social, ecological, and economic sustainability.

The ARNOLD GROUP undertakes to keep in mind the following guiding principles in its corporate actions: 

  • We ensure the long-term success of the company and provide secure employment.
  • We hold in high regard, protect, and promote the well-being and interests of our employees.
  • We hold in high regard and protect human and employee rights, ensure and promote equal opportunities, and prevent any form of discrimination and exploitation in all our corporate processes.
  • We take responsibility for our services and products by examining the value-added process and the product cycle for sustainability and create transparency in this regard.
  • We promote innovative processes in products and services that increase sustainability and emphasize the potential for innovation in the economic regions of our site locations.
  • We generate added value for the regions in which we are economically active.
  • In our corporate development we take into account and have regard for the relevant stakeholder groups and their interests.
  • We act always in the spirit of sustainability, in particular within the context of decisions relating to financial resources.
  • We increase the efficiency of resources, raise productivity of raw materials, and reduce the utilization of natural resources.
  • We implement renewable energies, increase energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with targets.
  • We advocate every incentive at corporate level to rethink and act and include our employees and all other stakeholder groups into a consistent process of increasing corporate sustainability.
  • We prevent corruption and disclose and sanction such behavior.